Arajet will connect Aruba directly with Santo Domingo starting from US$168 roundtrip

ORANJESTAD – Arajet, the new Dominican low-fare airline, confirmed that all Arubans will be able to buy round-trip tickets from US$168, taxes included, for direct flights from Oranjestad, Aruba to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

With this commitment, Arajet seeks to connect Aruba with Santo Domingo and its different tourist and commercial experiences, as well as boost the economic growth and development of both countries through the commercial and tourism promotion of these two important Caribbean cities, with a common story.

Arajet, the new Dominican low-fare airline.The Founder and CEO of Arajet, Mr. Víctor Pacheco, assured that “Without a doubt, Aruba is for AraJet a destination with increased interest due to the demand of travelers to and from the Dominican Republic. We want to provide Arubans with an affordable travel alternative that meets their travel expectations at the lowest cost, with world-class services and new and more efficient aircraft on the market”.

The first return flight from Santo Domingo to Oranjestad, Aruba, will be on Friday, September 16. With the opening of this destination, AraJet consolidates its presence in the Caribbean and aims to advance its expansion strategy, with which it expects to be transporting seven million passengers annually in approximately five years.

Arajet arrives in Aruba with a bang, with very low fares starting at US$168, round trip, including taxes. Tickets are available for purchase on In addition, the airline operates brand-new 737 MAX-8 aircraft, with a capacity of 185 passengers, and promises to offer the world-renowned customer service of Dominicans: warm, friendly, and world-class.

A the end of his speech Mr. Pacheco stated that they are assuming responsibility for the rebirth of Dominican aviation with a team of highly qualified international collaborators. The aim is for their operations to meet the highest safety standards of the global aviation industry while ensuring the best and most complete maintenance to our new and modern aircraft”.

Logo ArajetFlight Schedule

With the announcement of ticket sales, the airline shared the flight schedules that it will have available for the Santo Domingo - Aruba - Santo Domingo routes:

  • Santo Domingo - Aruba: 2x per week: Monday & Friday, Departure: 12:50, Arrival: 14:10
  • Aruba - Santo Domingo: 2x per week: Friday & Monday, Departure: 14:55, Arrival: 16:20

Completely new aircraft Fleet

Arajet will start operations with five new aircraft Boeing 737 Max-800. As explained by the airline, they are state-of-the-art aircraft and designed to be friendly to the environment, with 14% less fuel consumption, compared to most single-aisle aircraft, which will allow the airline to save on fuel, maintenance, and operations costs and, in turn, pass those savings on to the customers.

Expanding the Santo Domingo Market

Arajet, the new Dominican low-fare airline.Aruba Airport is happy with this new service out of Santo Domingo with this brand new player in the market, Arajet. “With their modern, environmentally friendly aircraft Arajet is a welcome addition to our current Santo Domingo market. Expanding our route network frequencies and various aircraft operators to this market will boost the travel dynamics between Aruba and Santo Domingo and provide more opportunities for our VFR market to Santo Domingo. Arajet, bon bini!- Mrs. Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends, Air Service Development Manager at Aruba Airport.

About Arajet:

Arajet is the first ultra-low-fare airline in the Caribbean region to offer world-class service with efficient and convenient flights connecting the Americas and the Caribbean with point-to-point, non-stop flights. The commercial airline is of Dominican origin, with mixed Dominican and foreign investment. Arajet is based in Santo Domingo with state-of-the-art Boeing 737-8 aircraft, new and environmentally friendly, and expects to connect the main destinations in the Americas. The first destinations Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Aruba, Saint Martin, and Curaçao. In the future, as it adds aircraft to its fleet, the company intends to add routes from the United States in the North to Brazil in the South.

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