Area prohibition includes beaches

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Nature and Environment (DNM) is reminding the general public about other laws in effect in addition to the ministerial order of “area prohibition”, which prohibits anyone on the beach between 12 am and 5 am.

Ad area prohibition – Department of Nature and EnvironmentProtected cacti bush Stenocereus GriseusThese other laws include driving on the beaches, littering, and harming our flora and fauna as well as our beaches.

This goes specifically to those planning on celebrating during the weekends and believe that the law does not apply to them and that they can cause damage to the natural resources and or harm the organisms living on the coast.

Be aware that it is unlawful to litter with empty bottles, single-use products, cigarette butts, and bottle caps.

The DNM want to reminds the beach users of the following laws:

  • The National Decree Public Beaches and Coasts (Landsbesluit openbare wateren en stranden AB 1987 no 123) art 25 and art 30. Article 25 specifies that it is against the law to drive on or across coasts with motorized vehicles, bicycles or animals (riding or pull animals like horses). Article 30 prohibits the littering/disposing of/leaving behind of products qualified as trash, for example bottles, packaging materials, and or other products on the coast or beach.
  • Article 16 of the General Police Ordinance (APV) prohibits the contamination of the coast, beach, and ocean. The same APV regulates that no trash either in solid or fluid form can be disposed of on the coast, beach, or in the ocean.
  • According to the National Ordinance for the Protection of Nature and the National Decree Protection of Native Flora and Fauna, it is against the law to kill, destroy, cause damage among others, to mangroves, reef banana, conch, starfish, sea urchin, sea turtle, pelican (rogans) and others.

The DNM joints the Crisis Team Taskforce’s call to respect the  “area prohibition” measure, which was introduced to help prevent the spread of Covid19 in Aruba.  Let’s take care of ourselves and respect our natural resources. Love yourself and our nature.

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