Aruba Airport is the 1st airport in the world to receive Green Globe Certification

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ORANJESTAD - After realigning Aruba Airport Authority N.V.’s (AAA) vision, goals, and objectives in 2021, in which it defined sustainability as one of the essential strategic pillars of the company, AAA reviewed pursuing possibilities for certifications on sustainability.

Certifications are tools to verify if a company’s efforts on sustainability result in more sustainable operation and have an impact on a country’s Sustainable Development Goal and contribute to a better planet. For 2022, AAA chose to undergo an independent assurance audit on sustainability to pursue the Green Globe Certification.

Aruba Airport is the 1st airport in the world to receive green globe certificationIn the past week, AAA received the exciting news that Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba Airport) became the first airport in the world to receive the Green Globe certification. Green Globe is one of the leading certification programs for sustainable operations and management of travel and tourism worldwide, and AAA is very proud of this achievement. AAA has focused its sustainability efforts on its airport operations by implementing building management systems, reduction of energy consumption initiatives, pilot waste projects, purchasing policies, and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions reports to mention a few. Furthermore, AAA’s Wings of Hope focuses on executing community projects based on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals to impact the local community positively.

Green Globe CEO Birte Pelayo stated, “As a busy tourism hub, Aruba Airport has set the benchmark for the Caribbean aviation industry. Airport operations can greatly contribute to lowering emissions through on-ground innovations and supporting better flight planning. And as an essential transport infrastructure, the economic and social contributions that airports make are vital to economies underpinned by travel & tourism.”

Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba Airport)“Aruba Airport is taking the lead, not only in the Caribbean but globally, being the first airport to be certified under the Green Globe International Standard for Travel & Tourism, the highest level of certification for operation and management of a travel & tourism business. Aruba Airport has indelible connections to the prosperity of Aruba and its sustainable success will deliver tangible and measurable benefits for all in the community,” added Birte Pelayo.

“Aruba Airport, the first airport to achieve the Green Globe Certification, has done so by creating local impact and achieving global goals. Along with the requirements of their operations meeting international sustainability criteria, their social impact program, Wings of Hope, aligns with the Sustainable Development Global Goals (SGDs). The SDGs stands as a pillar of Aruba Airport's values and operational mission. Through Wings of Hope, AAA integrates sustainable education within the community and environmental action throughout its department operations and encourages environmental responsibility with its partners to reduce emissions and integrate resiliency. I hope that AAA's Green Globe Certification will stand as an influence to other airport and travel entities to consider how their operations are contributing to a positive climate impact”, said Denaye Hinds, the official auditor for Aruba Airport’s certification process.

Queen Beatrix International Airport (Aruba Airport)Aruba’s Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber stated, “We are beyond thrilled about the announcement, that Reina Beatrix Airport is the first airport in the world that has been certified by the world’s leading certification for sustainable operation and management of travel & tourism worldwide, Green Globe. Our island’s commitment towards sustainability is unwavering, and this is an outstanding accomplishment for all of us”.

Director of Health, Safety, and Sustainability of AAA, Angeline Flemming, indicated that “AAA cannot be prouder of this achievement. The efforts by AAA and the Airport community in the past years to make our airport operations more sustainable, have paid off with achieving this prestigious certification.”

Joost Meijs, CEO of AAA stated, “when AAA set out its sustainability goals and objectives, we expected and aimed to be able to reach certain levels of certification in the two years ahead. We set ambitious goals and in such a short period, were able to be the first airport in the world to have achieved Green Globe certification, exceeding our initial expectations. This shows the enormous commitment of our staff and other partners to conduct business concerning our environment.”

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