Aruba attends the UN Water Conference 2023

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ORANJESTAD - During the week of March 22 and March 24, 2023, an Aruba delegation representing our nature is in New York to attend the UN Water Conference. This year, the Netherlands and Tajikistan co-organized the United Nations Water Conference.

The goal is to bring stakeholders from different sectors together to accelerate the implementation and reduce the impacts of water-related challenges worldwide.

The three principles used to guide the conference are inclusivity, taking action, and inter-sectorial. 

Delegation Kingdom of the Netherlands at the UN Water Conference 2023: Minister Doran of Sint Maarten, Ministers Schreinemacher and Harbers of the Netherlands, Minister Ursell Arends and Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes of Aruba. Headquarters of the United NationsWe live from the water. It is a resource crucial for human well-being, energy production, food, a healthy ecosystem, and climate adaptation. it also reduces poverty and much more. Water is essential when discussing sustainable development, but contamination and excessive use of this resource negatively affects human health and economic activity. Access to clean water is a human right. However, there are still millions around the world with no access to water. It requires urgent actions to guarantee sustainable water distribution for all basic human needs.

In Aruba, we must remember that our water resource is the ocean, not only the ocean surrounding Aruba but all oceans.

That is why it is essential to know the challenges of other countries and foment collaboration, especially for the islands in the Caribbean. This way, responsible action can be taken, bringing about sustainable solutions that consider our nature.

Minister Ursell Arends, responsible for Nature in Aruba, and Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes will participate in the different sessions about the commitments proposed by the Aruban Government regarding the SDGs.

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