Aruba Civil Registry Office shares valuable information with students who are emigrating for their studies

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ORANJESTAD - Before a student leaves for abroad, he must arrange all kinds of things, such as deregistration from the population register.

This applies to ALL students who emigrate for their studies.

According to the national decree on the population register (Landsbesluit bevolkingsregister) the population of Aruba only consists of persons who live in Aruba. Everyone who does not live in Aruba (for example, due to their study) must deregister from the population register. Failure to do so will result in automatic removal from the population register.

Students who move to the Netherlands

If you move to the Netherlands for higher education, you must register in the municipality where you will reside. Here are some tips to make this process simplier in the Netherlands. At the request of the Civil Registry Office (Censo), the Study Facilities Department of the Department of Education has sent out all the email addresses of the group of students traveling to the Netherlands. Since this is a large group, each of these students will receive an email with the agreed-upon time to personally deregister at the Censo office on July 27, 2022, between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. Other students can make an appointment to deregister at

Students who recently passed their driver's license

You need to get your driver's license before you deregister from the population register. On the day of your appointment to get your driver's license, you will need to show a valid ID at the Censo, and they will take the photo for the driver's license itself.

Deregistration from the population register

To register with the Civil Registry of the municipality where you will reside, you must first deregister from Aruba. The reason is that you have to show a certificate of deregistration from the Civil Registry of Aruba. You will receive this proof as soon as you deregister. It is also essential to inform your municipality where you will be living in the Netherlands at the time of deregistration from the Censo. The student must register in the municipality stated on the deregistration certificate. Failure to do so may result in non-registration or delayed registration and may ultimately delay receipt of the citizen service number (BSN) with all the consequences thereof.

Registration in the Basic Registration of Persons (BRP)

It is advisable to look up information in advance. Check the requirements for BRP registration on your municipality's website. It includes information about making appointments and which documents you need to show when registering. Some municipalities have set days or appointments exclusively for BRP registration for students from the Caribbean.

When attending your BRP registration appointment, you should bring the following documents:

  • Passport (as proof of identity);
  • Proof of deregistration from Censo;
  • Proof of address in the Netherlands (copy of the rental agreement, a signed letter, and a copy of a family member's ID stating that you will be staying in their house for the time being);
  • Copy of birth certificate.

Please note that if you were not born in Aruba, you must request the birth certificate from your country of birth on time. If your birth country is not part of the Dutch Kingdom, you must have the birth certificate translated and legalized with an apostille. For more information about this, see the website of your municipality.

Contact person on Aruba

For questions or information on this subject, or if you encounter problems registering in the Netherlands or missing documents, send an email to Students can also find the Censo team email under the "contact" tab at

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