Aruba Customs: Procedure when arriving in Aruba from vacation abroad

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ORANJESTAD - The vacation season is here, and many people will travel to their favorite destinations.

Customs informs travelers about their procedure at the airport when they returning home.

Customs procedure at arrival hall  

It is a well-known fact that the Customs agents have the authority to inspect all passenger belongings when arriving in Aruba. If the Customs agents find receipts that exceed the exemption amount or number of exempted products during an inspection, they will instruct the traveler to pay duties at the counter located in the arrival area of the airport. Customs urges travelers to save all their receipts for customs to calculate the value of all the items brought in from abroad. Failing to show them will result in the custom agent finding the prices online, even if the traveler purchased the product at a discounted price. Travelers can also proceed directly to the Customs office at the airport to verbally declare their bought items. Do not wait until the Custom Agent catches you with items/values exceeding the exemption. 

Passenger luggage exemption from import duties and excise duties for vacationers when reentering Aruba  Exemption for personal items: 

  •  Each traveler can bring products for personal use bought abroad with a total value of max Awg 400,00, which is not taxed upon arrival. Items that exceed this amount will be taxed on the entire product's value. 

Exemptions for certain products that have an import limit:

Exempted products are:

  1. 200 pieces (1 box) of cigarettes, OR 25 cigars, OR 50 cigarillos, OR 250 grams of tobacco 
  2. 1 liter of distilled alcohol like rum or whisky, OR 2,25 liters of wine, OR 3 liters of beer. 

For items not listed under sections 1 or 2, the traveler must pay excise, and import duties.

To be eligible for these exemptions, each traveler should be 16 years and older, and all the items should be for personal use.

Commercial items (parcels)

It is essential to state that the exemptions do not apply to items imported for commercial purposes as parcels. 

For this kind of article, travelers should contact their Customs Broker to declare the items. Entrepreneurs should identify their company with a copy of their Aruba Chamber of Commerce registration and the company's tax number to get approval for the Import Without Manifest (IZM declaration).

The Department of Customs urges all travelers to keep this information in mind as it may come in handy and make your travel experience pleasant. 

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