Aruba hosts the German Caribbean Energy Conference

ORANJESTAD-It is for the fourth consecutive year that Aruba has hosted the annual German-Caribbean Energy Conference”, held on November 15, 2022.

Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes welcomed everyone and thanked the organizers for choosing Aruba once more as the host of this conference.

Aruba hosts the German Caribbean Energy Conference During her speech, the Prime Minister explained that renewable energy and energy efficiency are essential themes for the Caribbean islands, including Aruba. Globally these subjects receive lots of attention in the context of Climate change. For the Small Island Development

States (SIDS) around the world, climate change is essential due to the possible damages this can cause. The Caribbean islands that depend on tourism are vulnerable to climate change, as one hurricane can cause more damage to the yearly GDP of an island like Aruba. For this reason alone, the best option is to avoid the negative impact of climate change in its totality.

Aruba, just like any other of the SIDS islands, recognizes that they depend on fossil fuels, which price fluctuates and causes uncertainties about the cost of living and economic growth. This dependency led Aruba to start the journey to reduce carbon emissions.

Aruba must focus on the people during the energy transition and align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. For the energy sector, this is also important. as energy plays a prominent role in the cost of living.

“Aruba is committed to keeping working to mitigate climate change effects. All changes happen from within, but only if all islands and nations stand united, we can win this battle against climate change," the Prime Minister said.

Aruba hosts the German Caribbean Energy Conference      Aruba hosts the German Caribbean Energy Conference

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