Aruba is in the top 3 tourist destinations in the Caribbean

ORANJESTAD – For October 2023, Aruba remains a popular tourist destination, again surpassing tourism figures from the 2019 records.

The figures for October are positive, and the report shows that Aruba is among the top 3 destinations to visit in the Caribbean. Last month, the island welcomed 93,857 tourists through its airport, marking a 12.4% growth compared to October 2022. Of these, 81.6% were from North America, 10.1% from South America, and 5.9% from Europe.

Arrivals year to date October2023/2022The reasons for visiting in October 2023, compared to 2022, include business, conferences, and shopping in Aruba. The visitor experience remains high, with a service score of 9.3 and gastronomy at 9.5, according to evaluations by the tourists.

The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) is working with the "transparent insight" platform to assess short-term vacation rentals on properties in Aruba and evaluate the average daily rate (ADR) to measure its impact on our economy. Additionally, Aruba is among the top 3 with the highest ADR for vacation rentals in the Caribbean.

Vacation rentals in Aruba from January to October 2023 amount to $47,424,595 more compared to 2022. This scenario demonstrates growth, and our visitors spend more in our economy.

Cruise lines also show confidence in Aruba, with a growth of 60.5% from January to September 2023 compared to 2022.

The government expresses gratitude to all partners and individuals working in the tourism industry, contributing to Aruba surpassing expectations in its recovery.

Results Tourism October 2023   Revenue January  – October 2023

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