Aruba ready for reopening borders with the USA

ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Tourism, Public Health, and Sports Dangui Oduber announced that all the preparations are ready for the reopening of the border with the USA on Friday 10, 2020.

Aruba Airport Terminal (Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix)As previously announced, there are stricter controls in place for travelers from higher-risk states in the USA to try to contain the risks of importing the coronavirus into Aruba as much as possible. Since the reopening of the borders for Europe, Canada, and parts of the Caribbean, all relevant departments are working nonstop and with dedication at the Airport.

On Friday 700 passengers are expected from the USA, Saturday 1400, and Sunday 700 travelers. Before the pandemic, Aruba used to welcome 20 thousand US visitors weekly, this first week however, there will be only 2800 visitors in the first week. The authorities in Aruba deliberately chose for safety and not quantity, to gradually with the extra measures taken, manage the risks for Aruba and its population.

The Governments instituted task forces are also ready to make sure all establishments comply with the protocols.

The situation at the Hospital has also been solved, the ICU capacity will be back to normal on Sunday, after having been affected due to the fire incident on June 16, 2020. An air quality test was performed and came out excellent. By Sunday all the equipment will be moved back to the ICU and the capacity will be back to normal.

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