Aruba receives the first plane with vaccines

ORANJESTAD - On February 16, 2021, Aruba received the first shipment of Pfizer vaccines.

Prime Minister mr. Evelyn Wever-Croes and Minister of Tourism, Public Health, and Sports Dangui Oduber were present when the first shipment of Pfizer vaccines arrived.

"We are very happy that the Pfizer vaccines have arrived in Aruba. We see light on the horizon.

Today is an important day for country Aruba with the arrival of the Pfizer vaccines," said Minister Dangui Oduber

Minister Dangui Oduber stated that first we want to thank God that we live in Aruba and are part of the Dutch Kingdom, which gives us access to these vaccines. We would like to thank the Dutch Secretary of State Paul Blokhuis and Cabinet Rutte for the assistance provided to Aruba to be able to receive these vaccines as agreed on February 16, 2021.

Arrival of the first schipment of the Pfizer vaccine in Aruba. Aruba received 11,700 Pfizer vaccines. As a Country, we are very pleased with this delivery given the fact that there is currently a scarcity of vaccines in the world. According to Minister Dangui Oduber, it is important to see this from a good perspective. Yesterday Colombia, a country with millions of inhabitants received 50,000 Pfizer vaccines while Aruba with only 100,000 inhabitants got 11,700 vaccines. As residents of Aruba, we should be happy and grateful for this and certainly thank the Dutch government for giving us this help.

As of November 2020, Aruba is preparing to receive these vaccines. A multidisciplinary team consisting of the Ministry of Tourism, Public Health and Sports, Department of Public Health, Department of Public Affairs, BRA, DOW, IVA, VDA, KPA, Customs, and Setar have been working to be as prepared as possible and ready to start the vaccination process. Together with a very dynamic team, Aruba worked on its implementation plan and all preparations were made for the visit of RIVM to Aruba last January 25, 2021. The representatives of RIVM received an extensive explanation and presentation on our vaccination strategy and implementation plan. RIVM inspected the entire cooling system installations and freezers in which the vaccines will be stored. A visit was also made to all the locations where the vaccination will take place. The transport of the vaccines and the safety that is associated with this and is required were also checked. As a result of this visit and after a positive evaluation, Aruba was given the green light to receive the vaccines to implement the presented strategy and plans.

Following the vaccination strategy and implementation plans, vaccination will be done in the following locations, namely:

  • Club Don Bosco in Noord;
  • John F. Kennedy Education Centre in Oranjestad;
  • Centro deportivo Libertador Betico Croes in Sta. Cruz;
  • Santa Theresita Centre in San Nicolas.

The vaccination is of great importance to everyone living on this island.

This vaccination will ensure that:

  1. our health is protected;
  2. human lives are saved as much as possible;
  3. immunity is created;
  4. the tourist industry will be revived so that we can gradually return to normal life.

Arrival of the first schipment of the Pfizer vaccine in Aruba. Since the arrival of vaccines on the world market, more than 170 million people have been vaccinated so far.

The government began a major campaign to raise awareness about the importance of this vaccination.

Following our strategy and planning, the following target groups will be the first to receive the vaccination:

  • Healthcare workers; first aid, ICU, ambulance. Physicians, practice assistants and physician assistants, DVG personnel (vaccination team, source, and contact investigation)
  • Residents of retirement homes
  • people over 60

The first vaccinations will be administered on February 17, 2021, at the Club Don Bosco in Noord.

For this occasion, the entire Aruban press will be present to for the important first vaccination.

We want to emphasize that the first pre-registration will be continued and we ask everyone to pre-register as soon as possible.

There is a lot of interest at the moment. More than 10,000 residents have already pre-registered.

This pre-registration can be done through the Aruba Health App or at one of the four MFA's in Aruba.

Minister Dangui Oduber would like to thank every colleague of the Wever- Croes Cabinet for their tremendous efforts and ended with the following words:

"Aruba, let us vaccinate to protect ourselves and others, for better care, and also to save lives. Only in this way can we together revive our tourism and our economy".

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