Aruba recovered 43% of stay over tourists in December

ORANJESTAD - December was the best month for tourism so far since the reopening of the borders back in July 2020.

Last year was a very tough year for the tourism and economy of Aruba. Despite the many obstacles and challenges in tourism, Aruba made sure to implement all needed measures to be able to reopen to tourism.

Aruba is considered a trendsetter in the way they managed COVID-19 and the way we reopened the borders in July 2020.

Aruba has:

  • A mandatory PCR test since July. Now 7 months later, many other countries are doing the same.
  • Introduced a mandatory travel insurance which resulted as planned
  • Introduced “Aruba Health app” for travelers on which they receive their PCR test results within 6 hours.

We are also now the first country to join the common pass network.

This is the biggest partnership with the major airlines as well as with the World Economic Forum for the use of the digital PCR test and vaccination verification system. The Minister of Tourism together with the ATA, AAA and AHATA have been working hard on the recovery of our tourism. In last December, in the middle of a pandemic, JetBlue announced a direct flight from and to La Guardia Airport in New York. This shows the commitment and confidence of Jet blue in Aruba and is a very important step in the right direction. There was also a direct flight from London by TUI, which was postponed due to the nationwide lockdown in England. Since the reopening of our borders in July 2020, we have seen a gradual growth in tourism. In September, tourism declined slightly but the other months have seen a steady growth. The Tourism Authority had two recovery scenarios in place, an optimistic scenario and a more conservative scenario. By the end of 2020, the results showed a more conservative outcome. It is obvious that the raging pandemic and situations at other countries is affecting our tourism. The following graph showed the recovery

Month Amount of stay overs
July 2020 12,921
Aug 2020 17,420
Sep 2020 14,697
Oct 2020 21,882
Nov 2020 29,714
Dec 2020 42,936

Minister of Tourism Dangui Oduber, is pleased with the gradual recovery of our tourism. The hope was obviously on a more optimistic scenario but this is not the case. The situation in the United States and most of Europe is alarming and this has its repercussions on our tourism. They are however convinced that 2021 will be a better year for Aruba tourism considering the fact that the vaccine is already available and being distributed to the public. The arrival of the vaccine in Aruba is the beginning of the recovery of our economy and tourism.

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