Aruba starts reactivating its internal economy

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ORANJESTAD - Prime Minister Evelyn Wever-Croes announced on May 6, 2020, that the government has started reactivating the economy that protects 16 nature areas.

Bubali wetlands – Bird Sanctuary – Source: Aruba.comIt concerns the following areas:

  1. California Dunes Saliña
  2. Tierra del Sol
  3. Saliña Malmok / Saliña Serka
  4. Saliña Palm Beach / Plas The Mill Resort
  5. Bubali Plas
  6. Sero Teishi
  7. Ramsar area: Spaans Lagoen and Mangel Halto
  8. Bubali wetlands – Bird Sanctuary – Source: Aruba.comRooi Bringamosa
  9. Rooi Taki
  10. Rooi Manoonchi
  11. Reef islands Oranjestad
  12. Areas with mangroves (Cay, Parkietenbos, Isla di Oro / Mangel Halto, Commandeursbaai)
  13. Rooi Lamoenchi
  14. Saliña Savaneta
  15. Reef from San Nicolas to Oostpunt
  16. Strip (east) Seroe Colorado Baby Beach to Boca Grandi.

On May 5, 2020, the Minister of Spatial Development, Infrastructure and the Environment Marisol Lopez-Tromp signed the national decree.

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