Aruba Tourism Authority presented its Marketing Plan for 2022

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ORANJESTAD – On September 15, 2021, during a meeting with the Minister of Tourism, Dangui Oduber, ATA presented its marketing plan for 2022.

As is known, in 2020 and 2021 tourism in Aruba was heavily impacted by the measures and flight restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic. That is why ATA had to change strategies and even used emergency funds to market Aruba.

Presentation marketing plan Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) 2022.Presentation marketing plan Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) 2022.After a rigorous process, ATA selected a new marketing agency in 2020 to reinforce its strategy in North America. It assessed the various marketing agencies and/or promotions that take place periodically. This is to ensure that all agencies working for Aruba remain sharp ad focused. ATA will endeavor for all agencies to comply with the stipulated strategies for each international market. This way Aruba’s vision will stay aligned and hence will attract the tourists Aruba desires.

Aruba is working since last year with the company “Engine” for the North American market. ATA is satisfied with the till now achieved results with Engine amid the pandemic. However, due to new challenges, ATA decided to start to process to change of agency. The aim is for the new company to drive the demand for Aruba even more in these challenging times.  

Recently ATA started with in depth investigation process to ensure for Aruba to maintain its leadership in to tourism. This investigation is an integral part of the strategy as concerns the marketing plan for 2022. All tourism markets of Aruba will be evaluated to identify the selling point of each of these markets. This way Aruba‘s strategy is more directly focused towards our clients by taking into account the needs and desires of the clients we want to attract.

Presentation marketing plan Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) 2022.Presentation marketing plan Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) 2022.ATA’s main decisions are made based on statistics and research. The decisions and strategies of ATA are always made in consultation with the Minister of Tourism and the board of directors of ATA, so that everyone is on the same wavelength. In 2022 ATA will concentrate even more on the shift from VOLUME to VALUE, and to drive preference for visiting amongst the affluent and high value visitors. ATA will also focused on High Value Low Impact Tourism. These are sustainable tourists with higher spending power that respects our nature and cultural values.

To realize this vison, we not only have to focus locally to educate of the local tourism industry and our visitors, but also to drive demand of those with affinity with our tourism product and sustainable development.

The ATA”s research will finalize in October of this and will incorporate the results in the communication strategy of 2022.

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