Aruba wins European Identity Award for developing the Aruba Health App.

ORANJESTAD – The Government of Aruba is proud for the international recognition for the Aruba Health App.

Logo Sociedad International di Telecomunicacion Aeronautico (SITA)The Decentralized Identity Award was presented on May 12, 2022 to SITA, during the 15th edition of the “European Identity and Cloud Conference", which took place in Berlin, Germany.

The Aruba Health App was created during the COVID pandemic to facilitate the testing procedure and centralize all information of patients efficiently, digitally, and while making this accessible to the entire community of Aruba. The International Society of Aeronautical Telecommunications (SITA) got recognition for implementing such a unique and innovative system concerning the credentials of passengers traveling to Aruba. All the countries that stood out in this industry were present at the conference. During the award ceremony, countries like Chile and the United won their award while Aruba was also recognized.

Logo Aruba Health App.Aruba wins European Identity Award for developing the Aruba Health App.  According to analysis company Global KuppingerCole, the Aruban system is a solution where travelers can provide their health data to the airlines, hotels, and companies in the hospitality industry safely and discreetly. It is important to emphasize that Aruba, being such a small island, was a role model for larger countries that saw the value and implemented the same system after confirming the efficiency of this application.

The Minister of Tourism and Healthcare is grateful to all stakeholders who were part of the development of the Aruba Health App, which placed Aruba in the limelight. A word of gratitude to the DVG, LabHOH, AAA, ATA, Aruba Immigration, DCA, AZV, SETAR, Gama & SITA. A thank you also goes to Hilton Hotel Aruba, Butterly Farm Aruba, and Lola Taqueria for their efforts in the making of this pilot project.

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