Aruba’s Finance Minister attends the IMF’s Spring Meeting in Washington

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 19-05-2022.

ORANJESTAD - Every year in April and October, Finance Ministers and Central Bank Presidents meet at the International Monetary Funds (IMF) headquarters in Washington.

Due to the pandemic, the leaders could not meet in person and share information of mutual interest.

Finance Minister, Xiomara Maduro, attends the IMF’s Spring Meeting in WashingtonFor the first time since the pandemic,  the IMF welcomes a  smaller group to attend its “Spring Meeting” this year. The Dutch Kingdom, as one of the donors to the IMF, will attend this meeting. Minister of Finance of Aruba Xiomara Maduro is also part of the Dutch delegation.

Aruba is very grateful for the technical assistance provided by the IMF to Aruba, and this gratitude will be expressed in person by the Minister of Finance Xiomara Maduro. The IMF provides technical assistance in various fields, like fiscal reform and personnel expenses. It also validated the annual report of Aruba and the Department of Economics’s macro-economic model “MARUBA”, and has recently completed an investigation for the improvement of the services provided by Aruba Customs. In addition to these, every two years, the IMF evaluates Aruba's financial and economic system, which results in macro-economic information that is important for the financial credibility of Aruba.

The Minister is glad to count on the support from the IMF and their team during the pandemic. The Minister mentioned that all the support provided by the IMF serves to develop necessary changes beneficial to Aruba.

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