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ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Healthcare, Mr. Dangui Oduber, announced that after 3 years of hard work, Aruba can finally introduce the national decrees that regulate the accreditation institutions and education criteria that recognizes regional medical education organizations. 

These national decrees regulate in addition to the BIG registration of the Netherlands, that Aruba can recognize accredited medical specializations like:

  • Sistema Nacional de Acreditacion de la Educacion Superior (SINAES) in Costa Rica;
  • Consejo Nacional de Acreditacion (CNA) in Colombia;
  • Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) in The USA; 
  • Medical Council of Canada (MCC) in Canada.

Other national decrees that come into effect starting May 15, 2021 regulate the education criteria based on the principles that are similar to those in Canada and the Netherlands and that have exchange programs. After a thorough assessment, the following Medical Universities have been found that match the criteria:

  • Universidad de Costa Rica (UCR);
  • Universidad de Ciencias Medicas (UCIMED);
  • Universidad Latina de Costa Rica.

The following Colombian universities who also comply with the criteria are:

  • Universidad El Bosque;
  • Pontificia Universidad Javariana.

The professions in the medical sector that can start their registration in the upcoming 3 months are medical doctors, pharmacists, midwives and physiotherapist as indicated in this national decree. The process for dentists is still ongoing and will eventually also be regulated and introduced. This development will create new opportunities and create more resilience in the healthcare sector. With this development, the Government complies with the vision to bring back Aruban medical professionals to work in Aruba to enforce the healthcare sector.

In addition this development will create new opportunities for the local professionals to specialize in Aruba by means of conventions offered by accredited institutions like the NSPOH.

The Minister is grateful to his entire team, the Department of Health (DVG), the Public Healthcare Inspection and all stakeholders within the healthcare sector to help make this project a reality. 

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