Asylum seeking process

ORANJESTAD - Based on a news report aired on Monday, June 7, 2021, the DIMAS deemed it necessary to explain the correct procedure to request international protection like asylum in Aruba.

It is important to state that once an individual needs protection, Dimas will hear he/she in person.

To process the individual’s protection request accordingly, it is important to take notice of the following:

  • Building DIMASAn individual who requests asylum or an interview regarding asylum will be heard in person.
  • DIMAS will invite individuals well in advance to give them enough time to prepare for the intake and make sure he or she brings all required documents to the personal interview. Keep in mind that DIMAS will sent the invitation by the email provided by the individual. It is important to provide the individual’s email address correctly.
  • Only the individual with the appointment is allowed at the DIMAS for the interview.
  • No one else will be allowed at the interview.
  • All interviews will be conducted in the language preferred by the individual including the documents presented. Documents that require to be signed will also be in the language of choice of the individual.
  • If a person does not show up at the appointment without a valid reason, the DIMAS will consider that the person is no longer interested in the request and the asylum application will be terminated prematurely.
  • When a person is not able to attend the appointment, he/she should cancel the appointment with a notice of 48 hours and should have a valid reason to cancel. Failing to cancel with a valid reason and not showing up will result in the premature termination of the request as previously stated.
  • We reiterate that the asylum (protection) process is voluntary and in the event the individual wants legal representation, this can be done at the person's expense and outside the appointment time at the DIMAS. During the appointment with the DIMAS, only the individual will be heard.

After the registration process and other appointments, the process continues and the individual will receive an answer as soon as possible. Some cases require additional appointments before the final decision is made. In the event the outcome is positive, the individual will receive the corresponding residence. In the event of a negative decision, the individual will receive the notification including a period to abandon Aruba. Individuals who are not satisfied with the decision can always submit an objection and file a legal case if desired. Keep in mind that the Covid-19 restrictions like the use of facemasks still apply during the visit to DIMAS.

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