AUA Airport welcomed Jetair's inaugural flight from Curacao

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ORANJESTAD – It was an early Monday morning when Aeropuerto Internacional Reina Beatrix (AUA Airport) welcomed Jetair inaugural non-stop service from Curacao to Aruba.

"We are very pleased to add Aruba to our Jetair network. We have deliberately waited until today to ensure that we have something additional to offer to our Aruban passengers. Besides reaching Curacao comfortably and fast, our Monday and Friday connections are ideal for a weekend getaway in Curacao or for a businessperson who needs to visit Curacao for a day or a week.

AUA Airport welcomes Jetair's inaugural flight from Curacao.  Furthermore, Jetair also offers seamless connections from Aruba to and from Kingston on Mondays and to and from Sint Maarten on Fridays. We are excited to offer this new service to Aruba, and we hope to see you on board soon," expressed Jetair’s CEO Mr. Robert Maas.

Mr. Maas stated that Jetair provides non-stop service from Curacao to Aruba on Mondays and Fridays. Jetair will use an F70 aircraft with a capacity of 80 seats. The airline's scheduled arrival and departure times complement leisure and business traffic in both directions:

On Mondays - the aircraft departs from Curacao at 7:00 AM, arrives in Aruba at 7:35 AM, and departs back to Curacao at 8:20 AM.

On Fridays – The aircraft departs from Curacao at 6:55 PM, arrives in Aruba at 7:30 PM, and departs back to Curacao at 8:15 PM.

AUA Airport welcomes Jetair's inaugural flight from Curacao.  Jetair is the 4th Curacao-based airline to offer inter-island service between Aruba and Curacao, with connection possibilities to other Caribbean destinations, such as Paramaribo, Kingston, St. Domingo, St. Maarten, and Port-Au-Prince.

“We are very excited to welcome Jetair as a new airline partner because as of today AUA Airport now provides more than 60 weekly flights between Aruba and Curacao. With the number of seats available on board Jetair, we have reached a total monthly Seat Capacity of approximately 6.000 seats for the Netherlands Antilles region. This is fantastic news, especially for our travelers who now have additional options for travel to Curacao and other interisland destinations. We wish the airline a fruitful journey moving into the future,” said AAA’s Air Service Development Manager, Mrs. Jo-Anne Meaux-Arends.

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