"Baki den Bario" now accepts used cooking oil

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ORANJESTAD - On Monday, October 30, 2023, the Minister of Transportation, Integrity, Nature, and the Elderly, Mr. Ursell Arends, announced that from November 4 to December 16, they will be accepting used residential cooking oil at "Baki den Bario."

"Baki den Bario" is an activity that places waste containers in various districts of Aruba, allowing residents to dispose of their residential waste. Everything collected is waste that may have ended up in our environment.

After receiving feedback from the community, the government added more types of waste accepted at the "Baki den Bario" site. It started with bulk waste, construction waste, metal, green waste, and e-waste. They added cardboard and tires as the demand to dispose of these grew. Starting on November 4, you can also bring cooking oil.

Cooking oil is a significant problem for our home pipelines and the sewage system. The water mixed with oil that reaches RWZI (sewage treatment plant) damages the facility. Out of all the cooking oil imported by Aruba, only 15% to 20% is exported for recycling. Although we may never reach 100%, there is room for improvement in this issue.

For this reason, the government announced a collaboration with Paradise Scrap, a company that collects kitchen oil and exports it for processing. All collected cooking oil is recycled and converted into 'biofuel.' Paradise Scrap will have a container at every "Baki den Bario" event starting November 4, where they will collect kitchen oil. They ask everyone who will use their service at "Baki den Bario" to bring their used cooking oil in tightly sealed containers to prevent spills.

This weekend, "Baki den Bario" will be at the UNDESA field in Savaneta from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. They recommend that residents prepare and separate their residential waste in advance since many people take advantage of this opportunity to dispose of waste, and there might be long lines of cars.

For more information about "Baki den Bario," you can visit https://trashtocasharuba.org/limpilimpi.

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