Barcadera Business Park starts in 2024

ORANJESTAD – On Thursday, November 16, 2023, the Minister of Tourism and Public Health, Mr. Dangui Oduber, together with APA CEO Mr. Marc Figaroa, presented the master plan for the Aruba Ports Authority N.V. (APA) projects for 2024.

APA is one of the entities with the potential for a considerable contribution to Aruba's economic development. As a state company, it is essential for APA, transitioning from a port authority, to have a crucial role in Aruba's economy with projects like Barcadera Business Park (BBP).

Announcement Barcadera Business Park starts in 2024. Considering Aruba's geographic position, there is a desire to stimulate more use of the area near the cargo port. A project like BBP helps to diversify our economy and generates more job opportunities in the logistics, warehousing, and industrial sectors. It will encourage import and export activities, using Aruba as a distribution point in the region.

Announcement Barcadera Business Park starts in 2024. The vision in APA's master plan is to continue diversifying revenue for APA and create new opportunities. The intention is to diversify our economy and encourage local investors to participate. APA will provide plots of land with the utmost transparency and give everyone an equal opportunity to participate in the development under the supervision of APA, in collaboration with Ports of Amsterdam International.

APA invites all investors interested in the land at Barcadera to visit their webpage for more information on the BBP Project or to contact them via

APA is responsible for other projects, like Port City, the Ex-DOW building, and the Cruise Experience Development Plan. These projects will create job opportunities and additional revenue to continue investing in our tourism.

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