Basic consumer goods will be temporarily regulated

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 20-04-2020.

ORANJESTAD - The Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs and Culture announces that starting March 20, 2020, basic products will be temporarily regulated due to the global outbreak of Coronavirus (article 2 of the Price ordinance).

The following products will be temporarily regulated:

Product  Margin
Disinfectants for personal use (hand
sanitizers, alcohol 70%, glacial, soap
for personal use) and domestic use
(products containing chlorine, Lysol,
9% 14%
Electrolyte containing liquids 9% 14%
Toilet Paper 9% 14%
Protection gear (masks, gloves) 9% 14%
Baby Diapers 9% 14%
Dried fruit 9% 14%
Baby wipes 9% 14%
Baby pampers 9% 14%
Cornflakes plain 9% 14%
Frozen fruits 13% 15%
Frozen Chicken whole legs and Chicken wings 13% 15%

Wholesalers need to calculate and adjust their prices for the above-mentioned products with the indicated margin starting March 20, 2020. Retailers are also obligated to adjust their prices based on the indicated margin. The Department of Economic Affairs (DEZHI) will be checking the prices retroactively. The DEZHI urges all wholesalers that offer any of these products to retailers, to submit the related invoices and transport costs of the last container in order to calculate the maximum prices for these products.

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