BBO at the border does not affect the basic package

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Economic Affairs, Trade and Industry (DEACI) informs that the introduction of the BBO at the border since August 1, 2023, has no effect on the products in the basic basket.

 The basic basket consists of the following 22 product categories: 

Basic Products
1 Rice 12. Black Beans
2. Corn Flower 13. Salmon, canned in water
3. Tea 14. Sardines, canned in water
4. Coffee 15. Tuna, canned in water chunk/flaked/grated
5. Baby Milk 16. Spinach, frozen
6. Baby Food 17. Mixed Vegetables, frozen
7. Cooking oil 18. Broccoli, frozen
8. Powdered Milk 19. Oatmeal
9. Liquid Coffee Milk 20. Spagetty
10. Red Beans, dry 21. All-purpose flour
11. Lima Beans, dry 22. Long-life milk in tetrapak

DEACI considers products in their basic form in each category, without added flavors or ingredients. Due to the invoice price, transport costs incurred (by the national decree on the import of goods), and a limited margin for wholesale and retail, the DEACI calculates the prices for these products of various brands and contents. The DEACI publishes the maximum prices every two weeks in the official journal. The current list is available on the app 'Control di Prijs', which you can download from Google Play for Android devices and from the App Store for Apple devices.

The inspectors of the DEACI with the official cars D281, D381, and D382, regularly carry out price control in the supermarkets.  

In addition to the basic basket, the DEACI weekly publishes the price comparisons "Macuto di Compras" on their web page:, and on their Facebook page "Departamento di Asunto Economico".  It is a comparison of prices from various supermarkets. These products do not have maximum prices imposed by the government. The price comparison is only a tool that gives the consumer an overview of product prices at various supermarkets.

The DEACI encourages consumers to use the “control di price” app and the information available on the “Macuto di Compras” to shop more consciously. For questions, complaints, or to report irregularities, please use the app and the listed telephone numbers or email :

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