Be aware during the end of the year

ORANJESTAD - The Department of Public Health urges the community to be aware during the last days of the year 2020. 

Be considerate and help protect those vulnerable like the elderly, children, and pets.

Ad fireworksProtect the elderly from the toxic smoke from fireworks and protect their hearing with earplugs. Do not leave them alone if fireworks cause anxiety.

Protect the children with earplugs as well to protect their hearing. Do not let small children light fireworks without adult supervision. Protect your pets by keeping them, preferably inside. Provide tranquilizers as directed by your vet. Protect yourself and others. Keep distance, celebrate in the companionship of family, and avoid agglomeration.

Some tips on the safe use of fireworks:

  • Pay attention when buying fireworks. Fireworks may not be older than two years, namely from 2018 and 2017, and not older.
  • Check that the fireworks are not damaged. Damaged fireworks are dangerous and can injure people.
  • Read the instructions for use very carefully. If there are no instructions, ask the fireworks vendor how to use the fireworks safely.
  • Buy only children's fireworks for children. The lighting of fireworks is a tradition from a young age, but children must be properly instructed and guided in the safe use of fireworks.
  • Talk to children and youth about the safe lighting of fireworks. They often experiment with fireworks by bundling or disassembling them. Experimenting with fireworks is life threatening.
  • Always use a punk (lighting stick) that you received from the fireworks supplier. Do not use matches/lighters, since there is a high risk that the wick will be lit in the wrong place.
  • Never approach a firework again after the wick has been lit and never relight a “dud” firework. If it does not go off you must wait at least 30 minutes, so that you are sure that it has burnt out.
  • Do not put fireworks from your hand, as it may explode in your hand. Fireworks must be lit on the ground.
  • Never aim a lit firework at a person or animal.

Be aware during the end of the year.

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