Beach policy enters into force early 2015

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 05-02-2015.

ORANJESTAD - On August 26, 2014 the Government of Aruba adopted the Directive Spatial Management Beaches (RRIS), on the recommendation of the Minister Sevinger.

This beach policy will come into force beginning 2015. The RRIS applies for beach use in the district of West Kust, Tamarijn to Ritz Carlton.

A steering committee led by the Ministers Sevinger and Oduber will introduce all aspects of the policy. They need a balanced approach to greatly improve the quality of the beach experience in Aruba. As was previously the case with the policy formation, consultations were also held with stakeholders during implementation, with attention to individual needs, difficulties and frictions.

The steering committee wants to work quickly. The new licensing system for beach use is already developed. Mid-January stakeholders will be informed about the main elements and planning of the implementation process. In February consultation with all water sports companies will follow. Thereafter starting April the steering committee hopes to review all beaches with the hotels. If everything goes according to plan the application for the necessary permits will start in May 

You may consult the complete version of the Directive Spatial Management Beaches here.

You  can also get a copy of the policy document at the desk of the Department of Infrastructure and Planning for a fee of Awg. 3.00.

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