Cabinet Wever-Croes resigns

ORANJESTAD - Today the Public Prosecutor’s Office informed on the investigation of the POR fraction on the suspicion of embezzlement of funds.

The Prime Minister stated that integrity and good governance are important aspects in the government agreement of the Cabinet Wever-Croes. Therefore, a violation of this nature is considered extremely seriously.

After this announcement, the Government discussed the best reaction to this serious violation of integrity by its coalition party. The seriousness of the accusation and its consequences lead to the decision to resign and dissolve Parliament.

Hence, the Council of Ministers authorized the Cabinet to tender its resignation and decision to dissolve Parliament to the Governor.

As a demissionary government, Cabinet Wever- Croes will only handle pending cases until a new Government is installed. The corona crisis policy is regarded as a current matter.

A new date for elections will be announced soon.

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