Cat law

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 03-08-2020.

ORANJESTAD - Besides addressing the current stray dog problematic, the commission for the National Plan did not ignore the stray cat problematic that is affecting our fauna. 

Ad Cat lawCats find their food at night and prey on small animals like certain birds and small rabbits. Boas are not the only culprit but stray cats are guilty as well. Unwanted cats are left behind at the kill cage or are being abandoned in the wild. There are also some addresses where too many cats live or frequent.

There is currently no cat law yet but the commission National Plan has been working on possible durable solutions and have been in deliberation with many relevant Government departments, NGO’s and stakeholders.

For now, they are creating awareness through their ongoing campaign “Love my pet” and stimulating pet owners to be responsible. This should reduce this amount of cats wandering the streets and wilderness. The idea is to also create a law that benefits all animals.

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