Censo2020 post count - 2nd phase

ORANJESTAD - The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) provides an update on the Censo2020 post-count that began on March 3.

31.915 persons participated with the online Censo  From the start of Censo2020 to March 21, 2021, a total of 91,148 people were counted.

59,233 people of the total participants were visited by the surveyors in person at their homes, while 31,915 people participated in the online Censo. The second phase started on March 22 and will continue until March 31. CBS is very grateful to everyone who participated in the Censo2020. During this period, the surveyors will leave call cards at the addresses that, according to the CBS data, for some reason have not yet completed the Censo 2020 questionnaire. These are the households that for example were never at home or have refused to participate in the census. CBS wants to give this group another chance to participate in the Censo2020. A total of 11000 addresses will receive a calling card.

59.233 persons were counted by the tellers who interview them in person at their homes.Given the current COVID-19 situation in Aruba, CBS has reactivated the Censo 2020 Help desk. The Help desk is available until March 31, 2021, at 524-7433 from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Contact the Help desk for more information or to interview by phone or at home (outside) or if you wish to complete the questionnaire online. Send a WhatsApp for more information to the Censo2020 Helpdesk at 566-4180. An email can also be sent to census2020@cbs.aw.

91.148 people counted.You may also receive a phone call from the Censo2020 Helpdesk to verify your address and for missing data to complete the questionnaire.

The procedure for completing the Censo2020 questionnaire is the same as last year. Visit the website www.census2020.aw and use your parcel number (account number) that appears on your WEB water bill and on your electronic bill from WEB to access the questionnaire. Fill in the details of all persons living in the house.

Post count CENSO 2020 2nd ohase.Households that do not have a plot number can contact the help desk for a unique personal number needed to access the online questionnaire.

CBS appeals to the general public to treat its surveyors kindly and with respect. CBS requests that those who, for whatever reason, did not participate in the first Censo2020 be part of the general population and household census Censo2020. It is now more important than ever to have an overview of all developments within the population. This collected data serves to plan using actual and reliable information provided by the community. This is the only way to plan for the present and future of Aruba.

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