Census 2020 starts on October 1, 2020

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ORANJESTAD - The Central Bureau for (CBS) is announcing that the Census2020 will start on October 1, 2020.  

Sun Plaza Building where the Central Bureau for Statistics is located on the second floorA Census is a general population and housing count. In other words, during Census2020 every individual who is living in Aruba since October 1, 2020, living in Aruba for over 1 year or has the intention to live in Aruba longer than 1 year will be counted.

Aruba is currently in difficult times, but that is also, why it is so important to collect data on the real household situation in Aruba. The CBS urges everyone to participate with the Census2020

Census2020 consists of two parts:

  • October 1 - 10, 2020: Online count;
  • November 1 - 26, 2020: Counting off all others who did not participate in the online count.

Each household will have access to the online questionnaire available on www.census2020.aw and should use their parcel’s number provided by the WEB NV.

Keep in mind that the census questionnaire should be completed at once. The parcel’s number can only be used once. The questionnaire is available and can be read before filling the online questionnaire. This will make it easier to complete the questionnaire. The public will be notified once the questionnaire is online.

Logo CENSUS Aruba 2020Any household that does not have a parcel’s number from WEB NV should call the CBS and they will be provided an individual code to gain access to the questionnaire. The personnel of the CBS is available via WhatsApp or by phone and can be reached at 524 7444. This contact number will be active starting October 1, 2020. In the event you need help with the online questionnaire, please send an email to census2020@cbs.aw. The email address is currently active.

For any additional information, please call the CBS at 583 7433. As soon as the Census Help Desk is open, this can be reached by calling 524 7444. The Help Desk will provide the public with assistance in completing the online questionnaire.

CBS urges every household to participate with the online Census2020.

Because Aruba counts on you!

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