Chamber of Commerce Colombo-Holandesa “Holland House” in Colombia

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 10-04-2023.

ORANJESTAD – The Ministry of Economic Affairs recently reached an agreement with the Holland House in Colombia.

Holland House is one of the largest Bilateral Chamber of Commerce in Colombia, with considerable experience assisting Dutch companies conducting business with Colombian companies.

Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications and Sustainable Development, Geoffrey Wever.Logo Camara de Comercio Colombo-Holandesa “Holland House” na Colombia.The agreement with the Holland House makes it possible for Aruban companies to receive the necessary support and cooperation to do business with Colombian companies. It will result in a positive contribution to the economy of Aruba and expand its commercial network. The economy of Aruba is small and depends on the import of most products. With a strategic position in the Caribbean between the USA and Latin America, it is essential to explore commercial opportunities in benefiting our companies and consumers. That is why it is important to intensify the economic relations with countries in the region. The Aruban relations with Colombia are essential due to the proximity and the potential to conduct different kinds of businesses.

“The agreement and the cooperation with Holland House Colombia is an essential instrument in facilitating businesses and investments between Aruba and Colombia and is part of the economic policy for growing our companies and giving our consumers more access to products at favorable prices and consequently reduce the cost of living in Aruba." Minister of Economic Affairs, Communications and Sustainable Development, Geoffrey Wever stated.

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