“Chasing Health Podcast” project

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ORANJESTAD – The Ministry of Tourism and Public Health is reminding the community about the “Chasing Health Podcast” project.

In February 2022, they launched the first Audio Visual Podcast of Chasing Health in collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Public Health, HAVA, and the Department for Public Health.

The podcast provides a variety of subjects about care and health. The aim is to contribute, provide information and educate the community to prepare for a healthier lifestyle, which is a continuous process.

The technology and trend of podcasting are popular in many countries.

“Chasing Health Podcast”  “Chasing Health Podcast”  In the United States, 75% of adults use a podcast,t while 5 out of 10 listen very frequently to a podcast. You can follow a podcast on various platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. A podcast is a source of information available on the internet and can be listened to or downloaded on most devices. They offer podcasts in audio or audiovisual versions. The podcast user can listen to the podcast whenever they want and repeat this as often as they wish. Each podcast has its theme and duration and serves to share information in an innovative, creative way while being able to reach every corner of the world.

The Chasing Health podcast is an initiative to keep the community of Aruba informed about the opportunities for a healthier lifestyle.

“Chasing Health Podcast”

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