Children's' Book Festival 2020

ORANJESTAD - A team is working hard at the National Library at the next Children's' Book Festival.

This year the festival’s theme is “History” with its slogan “Back in the days”.

Logp Children’s book week – Tempo di mi tempo – (Back in the days)During the Children’s Book Festival 2020, the children will be traveling back in time to discover the past. This year’s festival, which will be taking place in November, will be slightly different. There are currently several presentations being produced in the library’s studio since school visits are limited. In the studio, they are creating the presentation of the children’s book author and illustrator.

The Library produced a special book for the festival’s week in collaboration with Lavender Uitgeverij in the Netherlands. The book is a compilation of stories. Participating schools will receive a free copy of the book. Elvis Tromp, who was inspired by the theme “History”, illustrated the book. Elvis is preparing a presentation to give the children a taste of the art of drawing. More information on Elvis Tromp can be found on the Library’s website. One of Elvis’ illustration was used for the logo of this year’s festival. Ambar Silva, Ces Sy, and Ryah Sy, titled “Read and you shall see, sang a festival song. The song was produced by Mario Chow, Sergio Silva, and Jeremy Bonarriba, composed by Sergio Silva and arranged by Jeremy Bonarriba.

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