Coloring contest Love your pet 2021

ORANJESTAD – The action committee of the National Plan that addresses the stray dog problem informs that the Love your pet coloring contest for children 4, 5, and 6 years old that go to kindergartens on September 24, 2021, started.


The goal of this coloring contest “Love your pet 2021” is to continue to raise awareness, especially among children, regarding the care of their pets. The committee believes that instilling a love for pets in children is essential for them to be responsible pet owners in the future. It will also enable them to make a responsible decision whether to be a pet owner or not.  


In the coloring picture, you can see a veterinarian with various pets around her. You can also see a recently operated dog wearing a cone so that it can not lick its wound sutures. The picture shows that it is common to sterilize your pet, which is essential to realize and a great way to control the dog population.

Coloring contest Love your pet 2021.Who can participate

Participation is free. Last year the action committee organized a drawing and coloring contest for kindergartens and primary schools students till the third class. This year in cooperation with Compra/Purima and the design by Armando Goedgedrag, everyone can participate. However, there are special prizes for children 4, 5 and 6 years. Only one form per participant is allowed.  

The action committee will visit all schools to deliver copies of the forms, but all kindergartens will receive the participation forms via e-mail to print out themselves. These forms are also available at the Bestial Pet House in Shaba, Birds ‘N Fishes + Dogs Pet Shop in Dakota, and Home Fun Super in Savaneta.


One can submit the participation form until November 4, 2021, exactly one month after World Animal Day, at the nearest MFA, the auxiliary government office in San Nicolas, or the mentioned places. On November 3, International Children’s day, the committee will announce the winner for every age group on their FaceBook page Stima Mi Mascota. The committee encourages children to participate in this contest for it to, once again, be successful.

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