COVID-19 figures in Aruba since July 2021

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ORANJESTAD – While the vaccination rate increases in Aruba, the number of non-vaccinated persons continues to decline.

The data illustrates the even though the group of non-vaccinated locals represents only 29% of the population 18 and older, they are still causing 82%, 87%, and 77% of hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths, respectively, due to severe COVID-19 complications since the start of the fourth wave (after July 1).

Required medical care as a result of COVID-19 (Hospital, ICU and/or death (July 1 – August 17, 2021).Aruba’s population consists of approximately 125 thousand inhabitants, considering the undocumented group. Currently, about 58 thousand citizens of the age group 18 and older got both vaccines. Of the age group 18+, 23 thousand are unvaccinated. The number group of vaccinated persons is almost three times higher than the unvaccinated persons.

Age of deceased as result of COVID-19 after July 1. 2021.This information is essential and cannot be discarded when analyzing the COVID figures since the vaccinated and unvaccinated persons are not equal in numbers (not 50/50).

In Aruba, since July 1, 2021, there is an increase of 2238 positive COVID-19 cases under residents with AZV (general health insurance). These figures comprise 738 new COVID-19 infections among the vaccinated and 1345 among the unvaccinated. These figures indicate that although the vaccinated group is three times higher than the unvaccinated group, the infection rate among the vaccinated persons is lower than the unvaccinated group.

Since July 1, 2021, 116 persons (18+, locals) were hospitalized. Of the hospitalized patients, 21 had one or more vaccines and 94 were unvaccinated. The chance to get hospitalized due to COVID-19 is 11 times higher for unvaccinated persons. Of the persons admitted to the ICU, two were vaccinated with at least one vaccine and thirteen were unvaccinated. Hence, the chance to get admitted into the ICU due to COVID-19 is 16 times higher for the unvaccinated. 

Deaths attributed to COVID-19  on Aruba after July 1. 2021.Regrettably, since July 1, 14 persons died, of which 13 are locals, three were vaccinated, and ten were unvaccinated. This data means that the chance of dying from COVID-19 is eight times higher for the unvaccinated. 

Since our population is smaller and we are at the start of the fourth wave, these figures may change. However, data abroad shows that the Pfizer vaccine is very effective in preventing severe COVID-19.

In the accompanying graphs, you will find an overview of the COVID-19 figures in Aruba for July, categorized between the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

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