COVID-19 measures are also in force at sea

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 26-09-2021.

ORANJESTAD - Following the publication of the Ministerial Decree to combat COVID-19 in Aruba, the Coast Guard has carried out several checks at sea in the past few days. 

Pleasure boats and jet skis in Aruban waters in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel.These patrols are among others to maintain public order at sea and check compliance with the measures regarding COVID-19.

The Coast Guard emphasizes that the COVID-19 measures of the Aruban government are also valid at sea. These controls are regarding compliance with the measures at sea and on the reef area and also to control the gathering of persons. 

The Coast Guard wants to remind users of pleasure craft and fishing boats that a maximum of 4 persons are allowed on a boat. For commercial boats, the rule of no more than 50% of the total capacity applies. The law on alcohol prohibition and the curfew, between 10 pm and 5 am, also applies to boats at sea and on the reef area. Only fishing boats that have a fishing license are allowed at sea during the curfew per this license. 

Please observe the rules and make sure you have your boat documents on board. Please take into account the measures related to COVID-19 to protect yourself and others.

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