COVID-19 vaccine now available for children between six months and four years of age with vulnerable health

ORANJESTAD - Children between the age of 6 months and four years who are born with a hereditary disease or with a limitation were previously unable to be protected against COVID-19.

The vulnerable children were at higher risk of becoming infected with COVID-19 at school or elsewhere with all the consequences. Due to the delicate health condition of these children, they were often kept at home to reduce the risks of getting COVID.

Mother holding baby for vaccine shotSince May 2, 2023, the Pfizer vaccine is also available for children between these ages with underlying health conditions. For these children to receive the COVID vaccine, the parents should obtain a prescription from their child's pediatrician. They should bring their child, with a prescription, to the Department of Public Health's Infectious Disease Section located at Avicenastraat #1 for the vaccine. The vaccine for this group consists of 3 vaccines in total. After receiving the first vaccine, the child should wait four weeks before getting the second one, followed by eight weeks before receiving the booster vaccine.

It is essential to state that for a child to receive the COVID vaccine, the child should not have received any other vaccine two weeks prior or will receive any vaccine for at least two weeks after receiving the COVID vaccine.

It is recommendable for children between the ages of 5 and 11 with underlying health conditions and who received their vaccines to get the booster vaccine.

Pfizer vaccine   Underlying health conditions for children between six months and four years to qualify for the COVID vaccine:

  • Cardiovascular disease,
  • Pulmonary r respiratory disease,
  • Kidney disease,
  • Stomach, colon, liver, and other disease.

For more information, contact your child's pediatrician.

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