Cruise ships will be back in the first week of June 2021

ORANJESTAD – The Minister of Tourism Dangui Oduber announced on Monday, March 22, 2021, that during the first week of June, Aruba will welcome the first active cruise ship, one year after the Coronavirus pandemic started.

Port OranjestadActive means that there will be passengers on board. During the pandemic, Aruba continued to receive cruise ships, but only with crew members and no passengers.

Minister Oduber indicated the Ministry of Tourism is working will all stakeholders to finalize the strict protocol that will be in place when the borders will open for cruise ships in June.

Port OranjestadSome of the protocols entail among others that all passengers must take a PCR test and show the negative test results before boarding the ship. All passengers and crew members must be vaccinated against COVID-19. Finally, cruise ship companies cannot sell more tickets than 50% of the ship's maximum capacity, for example, if the ship has a 2000 capacity, the cruise company can only sell 1000 tickets.

Cruise ShipsThe first cruise ship to arrive on June 5 will be the Celebrity Millenium of the Royal Caribbean Group cruise line. The ship will depart from St. Maarten to Aruba and then will sail to Curacao and Barbados. 

According to projections, Aruba will receive from June until the year’s end approximately 54 thousand cruise tourists. Between June and September, Aruba can expect weekly three cruise ships (Carnival Cruise Lines, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines) with an estimated 20% capacity. In October, Aruba can expect two cruise ships (Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines) per week with a 35% capacity. During November and December 2 cruise ships from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Lines will visit Aruba every week with a capacity of 40%.

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