Customs Aruba reminds importers to be on time with their paperwork for imports during the end-of-year period

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 16-12-2022.

ORANJESTAD - Due to the upcoming holidays, Customs Aruba reminds cargo importers to submit all their documents on time to their Customs broker that enters their declarations on the ASYCUDA system.

ContainersThis year, Customs issued many official reports against cargo importers for not properly declaring their cargo as required by law. It causes delays in scheduling to provide service as they have to inventory the freight for undeclared goods. It also takes time and hinders the customs officer from assisting the next importer. Another aspect that affects the schedule and causes delays is the lack of adequate space and personnel on site when opening the containers. It causes delays every time and especially when it rains. When opening containers, the importers must have enough workers present and equipment such as forklift trucks, rebar shears to cut open the lead seal, etc.

Customs urges importers to follow these requirements to guarantee service to all importers.

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