Customs: Be aware of import permits

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ORANJESTAD - The Customs Department of Aruba urges travelers to be aware of products that require import permits when returning to Aruba.

Products that require a valid import permit:

  • Medications 

A valid import license is required for medicines, electronic devices, meat and meat products and plants.If a traveler wants to bring back medication, they must get an import permit from the Public Health Inspectorate. If you use prescription drugs daily, please request a medical passport from your physician to prove that the medications you are traveling back to Aruba with, are for personal use. The Customs agent can check this upon arrival in Aruba. 

  • Electronic device 

Some electronic devices require an import permit from the Department of Telecommunications Affairs. These devices include drones, telecommunication devices, etc.

  • Meats and meat products 

To import meat, you must get an mport permit from the Veterinary Department. It is by law prohibited to import any meat or meat products from South America and Central America. Only meat and meat products from certified USA and European slaughterhouses, can be imported.

  • Plants 

Travelers who want to bring plants from abroad need an importing permit granted by the Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Directorate.

If customs agents intercept any prohibited items during the inspection, they will seize these immediately. The traveler can get a fine or even get detained. Travelers need to respect the tasks of the customs agents who are enforcing the laws and protecting the community.

For more information, visit and Departamento di Aduana Aruba on the Facebook page. You may also send an email to info@douane.awor call 523-8888. 

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