Customs Department informs about Racer Filtered Cigars

ORANJESTAD – Lately, the Customs Department noticed that various stores and supermarkets are selling a product classified as a cigarette, but without the seal stipulated by law. 

These products are the “Racer Filtered Cigars” and are available in different flavors, such as cherry, menthol, peach, strawberry, smooth and full flavor.

Racer CigarsThe Customs Department informs that to import cigarettes, a permit to import cigarettes is required. Import excise duties must also be paid on these products. In addition, this product must have its corresponding seal on the packages as stipulated by law as proof of the legal import of the cigarettes.

The Customs Department requests all stores and supermarkets that sell the “Racer Cigars’ without the valid import permit to please remove these products immediately from your stores and hand them over to the Customs Department. In this case, the Customs Department will make an exception and give you the opportunity starting September 27 to October 30 to voluntarily hand over these products to them. This is for the Customs Department to make the necessary arrangements to send these products abroad or destroy them.  

Please take good notice that after the deadline, the Customs will carry out controls. In case they find these products, the vendor will receive a fine.

For more information, you may send a mail to or call the Customs Department at 523-8888.

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