DBSB launches a pilot project in cooperation with Aruba Bank and Caribbean Mercantile Bank

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 22-01-2021.

ORANJESTAD - Around 12,000 clients visit the Civil Registry and Population Registry Service (DBSB -Censo) every month at their head office or one of the government auxiliary offices (HBK’s), requesting an extract from the population register or what is better known as "papel di 5 Florin". 

This document is an official declaration from the Civil Registry and Population Registry Service that the citizen in question is registered in the population register and that Aruba is actually his/her place of residence. It states the name, address, place of residence, date of birth, and ID number.

The vast majority of these customers need this excerpt to arrange their banking affairs. The Censo decided to work with Aruba Bank and Caribbean Mercantile Bank on a system that is efficient and easy for their customers. They are now pleased to announce the successful completion of the collaboration and officially launched this program on December 21, 2020. From now on, customers of Aruba Bank and Caribbean Mercantile Bank can authorize their bank to request this extract online. The customer no longer needs to pick up this document from the Censo or HBK. The participating banks will guide their customers accordingly throughout the entire process. The Censo team is enthusiastic about this collaboration since thousands of customers now have the opportunity to obtain their excerpt from the population register digitally. This is another important initiative. Where possible, Censo will digitalize more of its services, which will improve the experience of each of its customers.

We work together on an informative, accessible and user-friendly Government Portal for Aruba.
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