DEA presents the National Education day of the Aruba Multilingual School

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ORANJESTAD - On the 14 of October, the Department of Education in Aruba (DEA) in alliance with the Center for Continuous Professional Development (CDPC) of the Pedagogic Institute Aruba (IPA) are organizing a National Education day of the Aruba Multilingual School (SAM) for the preparatory education.

 The principals and educators of the preparatory education will be attending this presentation.

The objective of this encounter is to understand the essence of the SAM in general and the core objectives of language and communication, absorb these and form a better judgment to what this will mean for the preparatory education.

This day will include many “break out sessions.” During these short sessions, the different pedagogic didactics and practical didactic material that can be used in classes will be discussed.

What is a multilingual school?

A multilingual school is a school that uses and offers more than one language in classes. The great thing of the Multilingual school is that from the beginning, a multilingual education system has been chosen by the schools, so the language dilemma of which language to use at school is no longer an issue. Whether it’s in Dutch, Spanish, English or Papiamento, each school is designed to include the 4 languages most used on the island.

In the multilingual school, the students will learn Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish starting in kindergarten.

Based on the development and dominance of the maternal language, the student will use these languages in the learning process of other school subjects.

Guest speaker

Mr. Carlos Rodriguez Iglesias is the guest speaker for this event. Mr. Rodriguez Iglesias, a Puerto Rico native, is an English educator in Aruba at the University of Aruba and teaches at the Academic Foundation Course and Accounting, Finance and Marketing Faculty. He is a doctorate candidate at the University of Puerto Rico and has a Master's Degree from Harvard University and Brandeis University in the USA.

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