Deadline for paying motor vehicle tax extended to February 5, 2021

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ORANJESTAD - Due to the large number of persons who have not yet paid their motor vehicle taxes and the security situation at the Tax Office, the final payment date will be extended by one week to February 5, 2021.

Monthly payment installment for three months

At the end of November 2020, the Tax Department introduced the system payments in installments. This system allows taxpayers to pay the installments in advance every month before the deadline. Taxpayers hat used this system could make monthly payments installments for the period of three months. They appreciated this payment system. However, it is important to point out that this a not a payment arrangement.

License Plates 

This year, the Tax Department will not issue new license plates or stickers. All car owners have to use their 2020 license plates in 2021.

Motor Vehicle Tax tariff

The Motor vehicle tax fares remain the same as in 2020. Car owners who do not remember their motor vehicle tax amount can find this information on the car’s registration card they received when they registered the car at the Tax Department. You can also find the amount due by downloading the Tax Department’s app.

License Plate fee

Registered car owners do not have to pay the license plate fee for this year, as there will not be a new license plate in 2021. Only those who register a new car should pay the License Plate Fee. The License plate fee is Afl. 12,00 for the large tags and Afl. 8,00 for the small tags.

Deadline payment vehicle tax extended to Februari 5, 2021Make Payments

You can pay via online bank transfer or at the main office of the Tax Department, Auxiliary office at MFA Noord, MFA Paradera, MFA Santa Cruz, or MFA Savaneta. Starting January 26, 2021, you can also pay at the new office of the Tax Department located in the Post Office building in San Nicolas.

Payments at the Main Office or any auxiliary office is exclusively for debit card payments. Only seniors 60 years and older are allowed to pay with cash at the Main Office in Camacuri.

Please keep in mind that you cannot pay the motor vehicle tax for 2021 if you have outstanding motor vehicle tax payments.

Bank payments

It is advisable to use the Bill Pay option when paying online. By doing so you can give a detailed description for the Tax Department to correctly book the payment.

The payment description should include the correct personal tax number, period of payment, and license plate number.  

Example: 50001234-1st half of 2021-A92345

Car owners, who have more than one car, should make separate payments for each one. A single payment for multiple cars is not allowed, as this will cause delays in the processing of the payment.

Request online proof of payment

Clients paying at the bank can request proof of payment on the website of the Tax Department

The Tax Department will send the proof of payment by email.

For quicker payment processing, the Tax Department recommends the use of Aruba Bank or Banco di Caribe’s online payment options. These payments are immediately processed and booked in the Tax Department’s system.

Online payments at other banks can take up to five business days to be processed and registered in the Tax Department’s system.  

Non-compliance penalty

Payments received after February 1, 2021, are late. Payments made on February 5, 2021, after the “cut-off time” are processed until the next day and are noted as late. Information about the bank’s “cut-off time” can be found on each bank’s website. Late payments get a fine for non-compliance with the amount of 50% of the owed amount.


Full-year motor vehicle tax Afl. 300

Half-year payment Afl. 150

Failing to pay the half-year fee of Afl. 150,- by February 5, 2021, results in a penalty of Afl. 75,-. The amount owed for the first half of 2021 is Afl. 225,-

The Tax Department urges everyone to make their motor vehicle tax payment as soon as possible and not wait until the very last day.

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