Deadline for the Aruba student loan postponed

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 26-04-2020.

ORANJESTAD - Due to the current crisis caused by the ongoing coronavirus, the many deadlines for the application for the Aruba student loan have been postponed until further notice.

Students that want to be eligible for the Aruba loan as per August 2020 should consider these changes.

For more information please regularly visit the Department of Education’s website and on Facebook page @EducationAruba that will be constantly updated.

Documents Civil Registry/ Censo

Registered students that still need to submit the Censo documents are advised not to go to the Censo in person for any documents, nor to call the Censo. The Department of Education of Aruba DEA will contact the Censo and both departments will be pending for the developments until March 31 and will evaluate the best solution possible. The next steps will be announced on March 31, 2020, to the students on the website

 Aruba loan Portal

Since 2017 all Aruba loan applications were done on the Aruba loan portal. First, the students had to register for an Aruba loan account. With this Aruba loan, account the student has to login to the Aruba loan portal and can initiate the loan application process.

It is important for students to have an active email when applying since this will be used to send notifications and important information. Students are also urged to occasionally log in to their account to verify the application status.

Aruba loan 2020/2021Registration 

On the Aruba loan, portal students can find all information about the application process as well as registration links and or login info to the portal.

Info/ Contact

For questions about the Aruba loan please send email to or call the section for study-facilities at 528 3400.

Stay updated 

Students please consult regularly and follow DEA on the social media platforms Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on @educationaruba.

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