Department of Elderly Care informs about the policy and protocol in force in connection with COVID-19

ORANJESTAD – Recently, the Section of Elderly Care of the Department of Health sent a letter to the management of all elderly care homes to reinforce the COVID-19 and hygiene protocols.

The Elderly Care Section also requested the managers to help arrange COVID-19 vaccinations for all the inhabitants and workers that are still unvaccinated. They encourage families of persons with dementia to please have their elderly family member vaccinated.

Elderly care homesAs the community may have noticed, as the COVID-19 cases increased, the Department of Health did not close the elderly care facilities. The reason is that the Section of Elderly Care truly trusts the protocols in force and the vaccine. Currently, 80% of the inhabitants of elderly care homes are vaccinated. This vaccination rate is certainly a positive sign, and it also reduces the risk of death. Nonetheless, the section requests each manager of the elderly care facilities to not allow workers with symptoms to work and have them take a COVID-test before coming to work.

The Elderly Care Section once again urges all elderly care facilities to strictly follow the protocols, visitors, hygiene, and COVID-19 policy.

For any information about COVID-19 protocols and policy in place at the elderly care facility, you may contact the Elderly Care Section at 5224345 or send us an email at

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