Department of Finance reminds suppliers to put three (3) data on an invoice

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 05-06-2020.

ORANJESTAD - To promote timely payment, by the Finance Department, hereby want to remind suppliers of the importance to put three important data on invoices from suppliers.

These three data are important for the processing of invoices in the national system and the payment of these invoices.

Three (3) data that must be included on an invoice are:

1. Personal number of the Tax department

The registration of an invoice and processing in the system takes place based the personal number (this is the registration number of the company with the Tax department). That is why this number must be stated on the invoice.

2. Invoice number

An invoice number facilitates the search in the national system and the transactions with the supplier can be identified. The invoice number must be unique, so no duplication, and may consist of numbers, letters, date, project name or combination of numbers and letters. This is necessary to easily identify an invoice in the extensive national system. Invoices that do not have a number are returned.

3. Bank details

To facilitate payment by bank, the name of the bank and bank account number must be stated on the invoice. This speeds up the payment process.

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 Get paid on time with these data on your invoice.

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