Department of Public Health introduces walk-in for persons 60 years and older

Dit item is gearchiveerd op 26-09-2021.

ORANJESTAD – The Department of Public Health informs that since our senior citizens are the group more at risk for COVID-19, persons 60 years and older no longer need an appointment and can walk in to get vaccinated. 

In the category of persons 60 years and older, 6.695 persons did not get vaccinated as yet.  DVG appeals to all children and grandchildren to bring their parents or grandparents to get vaccinated to help protect them.

Vaccination is not only an act of solidarity and joint responsibility, where no one can stay behind but also an act of love for you, your family, and your country!

Please do not hesitate anymore: VACCINATE!

Walk-ins for vaccinations persons 60 years and older.

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