"Dia di San Juan - Dera Gay” video presented at schools

ORANJESTAD – As part of the "Kibra Coco San Juan Edition program", all schools have received the link to the video production “Dia di San Juan - Dera Gay, Nos Tradicion”.

Tradition unites our community. With this in mind the video production about St. John's Day, better known as Dera Gay, was launched. It is an informative video that creates awareness among the children and newer generations about the origin and history of the traditional harvest celebration on June 24.

Celebration Dera Gay – Dia di San Juan  (St. John’s Day) Celebration Dera Gay – Dia di San Juan  (St. John’s Day) This video features the history of the San Juan celebration and its evolution. It is essential to keep this beautiful tradition alive to honor our ancestors.

The Minister of Finance and Culture, Xiomara Maduro, appealed to the community to be careful with fire during the San Juan celebration. Fire is dangerous and can destroy our nature, infrastructure and even cause death. If you insist on having a fire, please be responsible. 

Celebration Dera Gay – Dia di San Juan  (St. John’s Day) The Minister of Culture and the National Commission for Holiday Celebration will continue distributing informative material about the National Holidays and Cultural celebrations for the schools to use. 

The Minister is inviting all children of primary schools to participate in the Kibra Coco competition, which takes place on June 25 starting at 5 pm on Telearuba.

She also expresses her gratitude to the Ministry of Culture, National Commission for Holiday Celebration, Povi-Tree, Department of Culture, National Archives Aruba, Telearuba, HP, SETAR, and the commission formed by primary school teachers and two Bachelor Papiamento graduates for their contribution to another edition of Kibra Coco.

Celebration Dera Gay – Dia di San Juan  (St. John’s Day)      Celebration Dera Gay – Dia di San Juan  (St. John’s Day)

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