DIMAS is addressing their clients’ concerns

ORANJESTAD - The Department for the Integration, Management and Admission of Foreign Nationals (DIMAS) is aware of the issues expressed during a recently held press conference.

Building DIMASSome of the issues are:

  • The admission policy which was changed;
  • the change in the laws regarding admission;
  • the challenges in the services provided by the DIMAS. 

COVID-19 did affect the regular service provided by the DIMAS, and brought challenges to all sectors in Aruba, including the public sector. The Government had to adapt their services given to the public to help mitigate the spreading of Covid-19. Initially, they had to provide service during the Shelter in Place period, which had many internal and external challenges.

These challenges are being addressed by the DIMAS personnel and its  partners to provide the best service to their clients. The DIMAS will continue to work on improving its services and admission process efficiently.

At the same time, DIMAS wants to remind each client of their responsibility and urges everyone to follow the rules accordingly.

  • Only submit complete permit requests including valid documents;
  • Payment of permit requests should be paid as instructed to avoid delays in processing;
  • Clients should include a personal phone number and email address for the DIMAS to be able to contact them for additional information.
  • In the event, a client feels he or she is being mistreated or there is any kind of fraud taking place, they have the freedom to file an official complaint on the E-Helpdesk “Klachten” and file a complaint at the Public Prosecution.

The DIMAS is working hard to address all the challenges and to improve their services provided to the community.

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