DIMAS will reopen only for clients who are unable to upload their request online

ORANJESTAD- DIMAS announced that they would start attending only clients who have an appointment and who are unable to submit their application online, starting July 22, 2020, at the DIMAS office. 

Since mid-March 2020, the DIMAS switched to an online permit application process using the available online form. DIMAS received plenty of feedback from clients who shared their experience using this online system.

These lead to DIMAS adapting the form, communication, and instructions to make it friendlier for their clients to use. Despite these changes, some clients were unable to complete the application process online. Hence, the DIMAS decided to open their doors but only for clients with an appointment, but who have not yet submitted their permit application on the date and time of the appointment.

DIMAS buildingAnyone going to their appointment at the DIMAS should keep the following in mind:

  1. Follow all precautionary protocols of hygiene and instructions provided by the security personnel;
  2. Maintain social distance. ONLY one person with an appointment will be allowed inside, either the petitioner or an authorized family representative representing a minor. In the event of a family, only one person is allowed inside;
  3. The individual should have all the required documents to submit, as was the case before the pandemic lockdown. In this case, they have to download and print the application form from the DIMAS website, complete, sign, and submit together with all other documents according to the corresponding checklist.
  4. Only clients who have appointments on the date and stipulated time and who have not already completed the e-form will be attended in person. Individuals who are late for their appointment or who have already filled the online form, will not be admitted.
  5. Everyone should arrive 10 minutes before their appointment and will undergo screening (hand sanitizing, temperature scanned and should wear a mask);
  6. Individuals who have a fever or refuse to wear masks will not be allowed inside;
  7. DIMAS will only attend individuals who have not or are unable to complete the application online and will not attend consultants. Consultants can complete the application online.
  8. The only service provided at the DIMAS in person is to submit the permit request on appointment date and time. No other service will be provided on appointment days, not even picking up of permit or submitting an appeal letter, etc.

All other services will be provided on the DIMAS e-helpdesk www.dimasaruba.aw.

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