DIP grants 200 deeds for construction

ORANJESTAD - Recently, the Prime Minister of Aruba, Evelyn Wever-Croes, granted full authority to the Department of Infrastructure and Planning (DIP) to sign land deeds.

House buildingThe first task of the DIP was to eliminate the backlog (500) of requests for a plot of land. From now on, the DIP's director Mr. Haime Croes will sign all deeds for construction land together with another person under the four eyes principle. This means that the department is de-politicized and will speed up the process and accelerate economic development.

DIP worked on a plan to address the backlog of 500 deeds for those ready to start construction or start with agriculture. They will be receiving their deeds before the end of 2020. Their objective is to have 200 deeds ready every week and to clear the backlog.

Signing deeds director DIP Mr. Haime CroesThe DIP's director stated that since the DIP is authorized to sign the deeds for land, they aim to process the deeds as soon as possible for construction to start and people to start realizing their projects. 

It is important to point out the holiday season is approaching and those who receive their notification letter should have to start the process of financing at the bank, go to a notary and deal with contractors. It is customary for notaries to close for the Holiday season starting December 15 and that contractors take the Holiday leave. That means that most of the development begins in January and February. 

Community sectors benefitting

Building Department of Infrastructure and PlanningMany sectors will benefit when there is construction going on. One that certainly will profit is the FCCA, who has the majority of clients pending on their deeds to receive finance for their construction. Notaries, Banks, Construction Companies, and Construction and Building Material Companies all benefit when these deeds are out. The spinoff effect is important for the Aruban economy. 

Waiting list

Mr. Croes explained that for the upcoming five years, about 5000 people require a house. Based on those projects in combination with the construction capacity, the DIP will focus on housing projects that are building up. This way, they can meet the demand for housing while taking into account the limited amount of land available.

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